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-Library to parse internal citations in the U.S. Code
+Library to parse internal citations in the U.S. Code
+License: MIT (
+This library is used to parse the internal citations within the U.S. Code on, a site for tax law professionals to navigate the Code and regulations.
+The regex are in the file usc-regex.txt, and are used by the file in a number of passes through each section, to identify many kinds of citations in the Code.
+The .pkl files contain a list of all of the Named Acts, since many of the Code citations are to acts (e.g. section XXX of the Internal Revenue Act of 1986). We do not have a comprehensive solution to linking these references to their sources yet.
+If you have questions on this library, or are passionate about linked legislative data, feel free to contact aih at tabulaw dot com. No guarantees I remember how any given regex works, however.
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