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Removes comments and posts from your Reddit user page
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Reddit Scrubber

Removes comments and posts from your Reddit user page

Web Interface

Coming soon

Command Line Interface


  • Node.js
  • A user account


  1. Grab the source: git clone
  2. Install the NPM packages: npm install
  3. Create your own Reddit app:
  • Make sure you select script
  • Redirect URI is a required field but the contents are not important
  1. Update the cli/config.js file with the following:
  • Your Reddit username
  • Your Reddit password
  • The client ID of the app you just created (It should be under the app name)
  • The secret of the app you just created
  1. Run the script using: node cli/main.js


  • type - Must be posts, comments or all
  • debug - Set to true if you wish to watch the script running each step
  • username - Your username
  • password - Your password
  • client_id - Your app client ID
  • client_secret - Your app secret
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