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An ecosystem for developing, executing, and sharing scientific workflows

Hi there đź‘‹

AiiDAlab is a web platform that enables computational scientists to package scientific workflows and computational environments into “apps” and to share those apps with their collaborators and peers.

AiiDAlab builds on AiiDA as the computational workflow engine, and the Jupyter environment (notebooks, widgets, …) for writing and sharing apps.

  • The guidance of development includes information need to know for maintaining, developing and releasing AiiDAlab infrustracture.
  • The guidance for users contains documentations for app users, app developers and platform deployment.
  • The widgets base documentation contains the documentation (examples and API documentation) of aiidalab-widgets-base.


  1. aiidalab-launch aiidalab-launch Public

    Tool to launch AiiDAlab on a local workstation.

    Python 5 3

  2. aiidalab-registry aiidalab-registry Public

    Central app registry for AiiDAlab

    HTML 5 13

  3. aiidalab-app-cutter aiidalab-app-cutter Public

    Cookie cutter recipe for AiiDAlab apps.


  4. aiidalab-docker-stack aiidalab-docker-stack Public

    Docker images with the basic software stack for AiiDAlab

    Shell 8 13

  5. aiidalab aiidalab Public

    Implements core functions for AiiDAlab.

    Python 14 12

  6. aiidalab-widgets-base aiidalab-widgets-base Public

    Reusable widgets for AiiDAlab applications

    Python 7 14


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