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AiiDAlab Application Registry

This repository contains the database of the official App registry for AiiDAlab.

How to add an app to the registry

Simply propose a change to the apps.yaml file in this repository and add an entry for your app, for example:

    - "git+"

Tip: You can directly edit the apps.yaml file within the GitHub interface, by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner.

Please see the AiiDAlab documentation for detailed instructions on how to add an app to the registry.

Information for maintainers

To generate the website, simply execute the following script:

$ ./

The continuous-integration workflow is implemented with GitHub actions, which runs the pre-commit hooks and tests whether the registry can be built. In addition, all commits on the main branch are automatically deployed to GitHub pages.

Versioning and migrations

  • The public registry API specification is maintained under src/static/api/openapi-v{version}.yaml. Explore the interactive version.
  • The public registry API is published at api/v{version}/ and is considered user-facing.
  • The versioning of the API is semantic and all versions within one major version are backwards-compatible.
  • The schemas for JSON files and responses are maintained within the aiidalab repository at .
  • The schemas are considered implementation detail, but updates must still be made with care as the public API relies on some of the schemas.
  • Should the number of apps maintained within this registry grow substantially, a re-implementation of the registry as a database application with RESTful API server should be considered. Such a re-implementation would likely require a migration to a new server (see next point).
  • For a migration to a different server both the old and the new registry should be kept online concurrently during a reasonably long transition phase.


This work is supported by the MARVEL National Centre for Competency in Research funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the MARKETPLACE project funded by Horizon 2020 under the H2020-NMBP-25-2017 call (Grant No. 760173), as well as by the MaX European Centre of Excellence funded by the Horizon 2020 EINFRA-5 program (Grant No. 676598).

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