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Java Command Dispatch Framework - (Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, Sponge, Bungee, JDA, Velocity supported, generically usable anywhere)


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Annotation Command Framework (ACF)


This is the command Framework originally created for Empire Minecraft.

ACF Started as a Bukkit Command Framework, but has shifted to be platform-agnostic and can be used on any Java based application.

ACF is an extremely powerful command framework that takes nearly every concept of boilerplate code commonly found in command handlers, and abstracts them away behind annotations.

ACF redefines how you build your command handlers, allowing things such as Dependency Injection, Validation, Tab Completion, Help Documentation, Syntax Advice, and Stateful Conditions to all be behind Annotations that you place on methods.

Clean up your command handlers and unleash rich command experiences that would be too burdensome to pull off manually.

Beta Testing

While the 0.x.x series of ACF is "Beta", note that it is very stable. It has been used for years on EMC.

It is labeled Beta as the framework is growing and gaining new features, and API's are subject to breakage. The new features also may contain bugs, but we will work to fix them.

Branches previxed with dev/XXX indicate that the branch is likely to be very unstable, possibly completely non-functional. May also not have the new changes implemented to that branch yet.

v1.0.0 will be the signal that ACF features are more complete and the API will remain stable for a long time.

Documentation / Using ACF

Documentation Wiki - All of ACF's documentation is currently on the GitHub Wiki. Please review every page to learn about each feature.

See Using ACF on how to add ACF to your plugin and getting started.

See Examples for some real world examples

Targeted Platforms / Current Version

We are on version:

  • GROUP: co.aikar

ARTIFACTID varies by platform target:

  • Bukkit: acf-bukkit (For targetting Bukkit/Spigot)
  • Paper: acf-paper (Recommended over Bukkit, will gradually enhance when ran on Paper, but still runs on Spigot)
  • Sponge: acf-sponge
  • BungeeCord: acf-bungee
  • JDA: acf-jda - IN PROGRESS - NOT READY

Setup Guides (Repo and Requirements): Maven , Gradle You may include more than 1 platform in your jar if your plugin supports multiple platforms.

Any bump in version implies an API break. See CHANGELOG for information on migration guides for API breaks.

Every change that should not cause any API break will be deployed over the current version.

Say Thanks

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Java Docs


See Issues section.

Join #aikar on Spigot IRC - to discuss.

Or Code With Aikar Discord.

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As with all my other public projects

Commands (c) Daniel Ennis (Aikar) 2016-2022.

Commands is licensed MIT. See LICENSE