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Welcome to the ACF wiki!

Please check the following:

  • Getting Started Guide:
    • Build Tools: Maven Setup, Gradle Setup
    • Using ACF - The common stuff to getting started with ACF regardless of your platform (Bukkit/Paper/Bungee/Sponge all start here)
  • Documentation (Recommended to read them all):
    • Frequently Asked Questions - Misc catch all for common questions or details too small for their own page
    • Annotations - All the standard Annotations provided by ACF
    • Command Contexts - How to define new method parameters
    • Command Completions - How to define new command completion handlers
    • Command Replacements - How to do dynamic string replacements in Annotation values (dynamic command names, etc)
    • Command Conditions - Add Common Validation Conditions to your commands so you can add restrictions by a simple annotation
    • Command Help - (UNSTABLE API) - Automatic help documentation in order to guide users to the potentially desired command, with search.
    • Locales / I18N API - How to change the default messaging in ACF and use other languages)
    • Dependency Injection - How to use ACFs dependency injection functionality
    • Adding new Platforms (ACF-core is not stable enough for new platforms to be added, so please wait)
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