Using ACF

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Using ACF - Annotation Command Framework

Build Tool Setup

See Maven, Gradle, or you can find artifacts here:

Or manual:

Getting a Command Manager

This part is platform specific. Use the command manager that represents your platform.


BukkitCommandManager manager = new BukkitCommandManager(yourBukkitPlugin);

Paper (Recommended over Bukkit):

  • Using the Paper Command Manager does NOT make your plugin require Paper. It simply lets it take advantage of Paper specific features if available, such as Asynchronous Tab Completions
  • Paper specific improvements will be added in the future as potential is found.
  • Server owners are STRONGLY encouraged to use Paper instead of Spigot or CraftBukkit, as it is a massive improvement to the server software.
PaperCommandManager manager = new PaperCommandManager(yourBukkitPlugin);


BungeeCommandManager manager = new BungeeCommandManager(yourBungeePlugin);


SpongeCommandManager manager = new SpongeCommandManager(yourSpongePlugin);

Registering a command

First you need to create a class that extends BaseCommand, then register that command with the manager

manager.registerCommand(new MyCommand());

If you need your plugin instance, pass it to your commands constructor like so (this is called dependency injection if you are not aware)

manager.registerCommand(new MyCommand(myPlugin));

See Wiki Home for links to the other guides, but here is some important ones:

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