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Most Database operations can be completed in a single API call.

Built currently on top of Hikari Connection Pool.
## Usage
### Version:

### Project Setup
## Getting Started

Add `co.aikar:idb-core` to project.
Bukkit Minecraft Plugins can also add `co.aikar:idb-bukkit` and use `BukkitDB`
**Version**: `1.0.0-SNAPSHOT`

### Dependencies
Project Setup: [Maven](, [Gradle](

To use this, you need to manually shade in HikariCP to your plugin/app.
Getting Started: [Using IDB](

With gradle and shadowjar:
dependencies {
compile group: 'com.zaxxer', name: 'HikariCP', version: '2.7.8'
API Documentation: [IDB API](

You also need to make sure your respective JDBC driver (MySQL, etc) is shaded/available
the mysql setup method expects the following driver:

MySQL: `mysql:mysql-connector-java:5.1.33`, class: `com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlDataSource`

### Initializing
Create a `PooledDatabaseOptions` object, which then requires a `DatabaseOptions` object and create a `HikariPooledDatabase` with it.


class App {
public static void main() {
Database db = PooledDatabaseOptions
.mysql("user", "pass", "db", "localhost:3306")

Then you may use any of the static API's in the DB class around your app, and they will use the global database instance.

If you prefer a dependency injection approach, simply pass your Database instance.
Real World Examples: [Examples](

## Say Thanks
If this library has helped you, please consider donating as a way of saying thanks

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