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v3 Cogs for Red-DiscordBot by Twentysix26.

adventure - Original concept & cog by locastan. My version is a collaboration between TrustyJAID, Draper, and myself and is now markedly different than locastan's version. The repo can be found on my repo page here on github.

away - Originally by Paddo, written for v3 by Axas, final tests by aikaterna, and large improvements by TrustyJAID. Set and unset a user as being "away", or other statuses.

blurplefy - Make an avatar or an image upload blurple for Discord's anniversaries.

cah - Cards Against Humanity, played in DM's. This can rate limit large bots via the sheer number of messages sent. Install and use with caution on larger bots.

chatchart - Generates a pie chart to display chat activity over the last 5000 messages. Requested by violetnyte.

dadjokes - Another UltimatePancake cog. Get some dad jokes on command.

dictionary - Define words and look up antonyms and synonyms. Originally by UltimatePancake.

discordexperiments - Create voice channel invites for various built-in apps. This is only for developers or for people that can read the code and assess the risk of using it.

embedpeek - Take a closer look at or unpack embed content. This cog is mostly a developer tool.

hunting - A long overdue port of Paddo's v2 hunting game to v3.

icyparser - Show icecast/shoutcast stream information. An audio addon cog to show the current stream info, or provide a url yourself.

imgwelcome - Welcome users to your server(s) with an image. The repo can be found on my repo page here on github.

inspirobot - Fetch "inspirational" messages from with [p]inspireme.

invites - Display invites that are available on the server and the information those invites contain. The bot must have the administrator permission granted on the guild to be able to use this cog.

latex - A simple cog originally by Stevy for v2 that displayes LaTeX expressions in an image.

luigipoker - Play the Luigi Poker minigame from New Super Mario Brothers. Ported from the v2 version written by themario30.

massunban - Bot Admins or guild Administrators can use this tool to mass unban users via ban reason keywords, or mass unban everyone on the ban list.

noflippedtables - A v3 port of irdumb's v2 cog with a little extra surprise included. Unflip all the tables.

otherbot - Alert a role when bot(s) go offline.

partycrash - A port of Will's partycrash command from the v2 Admin cog. This cog will not generate invites, but will show already-existing invites that the bot has access to view.

pingtime - Show all shards' pingtimes.

pressf - A port/rewrite of NekoTony's v2 pressf cog. Pay your respects by pressing F.

pupper - A cog for Ryan5374. A pet that comes around on an on_message listener and waits for someone to pet it (react with a standard wave emoji), and rewards with credits. Many attributes are configurable.

quiz - A kahoot-like trivia game. Originally by Keane for Red v2.

reminder - A continued fork of ZeLarpMaster's reminder cog. This cog is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

rndstatus - A v3 port of Twentysix's rndstatus cog with a couple extra settings.

rss - Will's RSS cog ported for v3 with a lot of extra bells and whistles.

snacktime - A v3 port of irdumb's snacktime cog. Now with friends!

timezone - A v3 port of Fishyfing's timezone cog with a few improvements.

trackdecoder - A dev utility cog to resolve Lavalink Track information from a b64 string.

trickortreat - A trick or treat-based competitive candy eating game with a leaderboard and other fun commands like stealing candy from guildmates.

tools - A collection of mod and admin tools, ported from my v2 version. Sitryk is responsible for a lot of the code in tools... thanks for the help with this cog.

ttt - A Tic Tac Toe cog originally for Red V2 by HizikiFW. This cog is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

urlfetch - Fetch text from a URL. Mainly used for simple text API queries (not JSON).

voicelogs - A record of people's time spent in voice channels by ZeLarpMaster for v2, and ported here for v3 use. This cog is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

wolfram - A v3 port of Paddo's abandoned Wolfram Alpha cog.

youtube - A v3 port of Paddo's youtube search cog for v2.

Support for these cogs is via opened issues on the appropriate repo or in the Red - Cog Support server at, in the support-aikaterna-cogs channel.


Cogs for Red-DiscordBot by Twentysix26.