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Cogs for Red-DiscordBot by Twentysix26.
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away New home for away, seen, and hunting Nov 16, 2017
imgwelcome Fix bonus messages Apr 19, 2018
modclean [V2] Add modclean Aug 7, 2018
seen New home for away, seen, and hunting Nov 16, 2017
serverlimit Add serverlimit Dec 2, 2017
tools [V2 Tools] Initial commit Sep 8, 2018
wolfram [V2 Wolfram] Escape mass mentions Sep 29, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Dec 1, 2016 Update Feb 18, 2019


v2 cogs support has ended. I will still provide bugfixes on these cogs if it is significant enough, but no new features will be added.

Red v3 cogs can be found on the v3 branch of this repo. (

Cogs for v2 Red-DiscordBot by Twentysix26.

autoeconomy - New users that join the server will be automatically given a bank account.

away - By Paddolicious#8880. Set and unset a user as being "away".

cah - Cards Against Humanity. A port of CorpBot's module:

chatchart - Generates a pie chart to display chat activity over the last 5000 messages. Requested by violetnyte.

forwarding - Forwards DMs sent to the bot to the owner of the bot. A port of the forwarding module from:

hunting - By Paddolicious#8880. It hunts birds... and things that fly.

imgwelcome - Welcome users to your server with a customized image.

modclean - Clean the last 100 entries in the mod-log of Discord invite names.

otherbot - Have multiple Red instances and want to know when one goes offline? Edit this cog and load it on your watcher bot.

post - Upload a saved audio playlist to the chat channel, or upload a cog. Owner only.

pug - Warcraft pug checker. A port of PugBot's module:

radio - A hidden unpublished gem from Paddo, with a couple edits. Plays http audio streams like icecast and mp3 streams.

riot - an old Fredboat command, requested by Mewleficent.

seen - By Paddolicious#8880. Check when the user was last active on a server.

serverlimit - Limit the bot to joining servers with over 25 members.

wolfram - Paddolicious#8880's old wolfram cog.

Feel free to join the server for these cogs if you'd like.

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