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Python 3.7 Snap

Build a snap that would install Python 3.7.


Linux, unlike BSDs, does not have a "ports" system where upstream distro provides multiple versions of Python for a single version of the distro. For example, Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial comes with Python 3.5 but it will never get newer Python versions in its official repos. To install Python 3.7 in Ubuntu 16.04, one has to build it from source, use something like pkgsrc, something else, or use a snap. I chose the route of building a snap.


The stage-packages has a long list of packages. This list was obtained from apt build-dep python3.6 on Ubuntu 17.10 Artful. I removed all packages that had python- or python3- in their name. That didn't appear to have any negative impact.


Local Build

  • Docker
  • Python 3.6+
  • pipenv
  • GNU make

Concourse CI


    $ make init

Build, Test, Promote

    $ make all

This is an all-in-one target that runs the build, get-snap, test, and clean steps.

    $ make build

Creates a container to build the snap and builds the snap.

    $ make get-snap

Creates a container to copy out the snap to the snap directory.

    $ make install

Installs the newly created snap. It uses the --classic flag so the snap can access your host file system. It also uses the --dangerous flags because the snap is not signed.

    $ make verify-install

Verifies that the snap was installed successfully and that Python is now usable.

    $ make test

Creates a container to install the snap and test that it works.

To install the snap on other hosts (for example Ubuntu Core) without having to use the Snap store, copy the built snap to the target host and follow the command run in make install.


    $ make clean
  • Destroys any container created in this workflow


    $ make destroy
  • Run all steps in clean
  • Removes the snap from local filesystem
  • Removes any directories created in make target(s)


Tests fail when running them on Ubuntu based Docker host. They work when running on macOS. There appears to be an issue with AppArmor on Ubuntu.

Codefresh CI

It is tied to and runs new builds on pushed commits.

Concourse CI

    $ make init
    $ fly --target TARGET execute --privileged --config=./ci/concourse/build.yml --input snap-python37-src=. --output snap-python37-artifacts=./snap

For a one-off build in Concourse CI, run the above fly command. The only thing you need to change is TARGET to the appropriate target for your environment.

    $ make test

Once you have the snap artifact in the snap directory, you can run make test locally.


As newer releases of Python 3.7 appear on Git Hub, make these changes:

  • Update PYTHON37_VERSION in .envrc file
  • Update version and source-tag in build/snapcraft.yaml
  • Update PYTHON37_VERSION in ci/codefresh/codefresh.yml
  • Optional: update ARG PYTHON37_VERSION in build/Dockerfile to keep up