TypeScript FSA utilities for redux-saga
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npm install --save typescript-fsa-redux-saga


bindAsyncAction(actionCreators: AsyncActionCreators, options?: BindAsyncActionOptions): HigherOrderSaga

Creates higher-order-saga that wraps target saga with async actions. Resulting saga dispatches started action once started and done/failed upon finish.


  • skipStartedAction: Set to true if you want to use started action as a trigger instead of an event. This is useful when using takeLatest/takeEvery and you want to avoid having to manually dispatch an extra trigger action. This way, you only have to manually dispatch an started action, and saga will dispatch done/failed upon finish.


// actions.ts
import actionCreatorFactory from 'typescript-fsa';

const actionCreator = actionCreatorFactory();

// specify parameters and result shapes as generic type arguments
export const doSomething =
  actionCreator.async<{foo: string},   // parameter type
                      {bar: number}    // result type

// saga.ts
import {SagaIterator} from 'redux-saga';
import {call} from 'redux-saga/effects';
import {doSomething} from './actions';

const doSomethingWorker = bindAsyncAction(doSomething)(
  function* (params): SagaIterator {
    // `params` type is `{foo: string}`
    const bar = yield call(fetchSomething, params.foo);
    return {bar};

function* mySaga(): SagaIterator {
  yield call(doSomethingWorker, {foo: 'lol'});