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Chinese Standard Mahjong Competition hosted by AILab in Peking University.
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README: English | 中文

This Chinese Standard Mahjong Competition is hosted by AILab in Peking University and WEIZHIYU (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Click here to navigate to the Mahjong Competition on Botzone.

Botzone is a universal online multi-agent game AI platform, designed to evaluate different implementations of game AI by applying them to agents and compete with each other, featuring an ELO ranking system and a contest system for users to evaluate their AI programs.

Click here to navigate to Botzone wiki for more details.


  • Develop an intelligent Mahjong agent that can compete with other agents as well as human players based on the online AI platform, Botzone.
  • Attract more research societies to use and do searches on Botzone.


Mahjong is an imperfect information four-player game that originated in China with a long history of more than 3000 years. In 1998 the All-China Sports Federation founded a universal competition standard called Chinese Standard Mahjong (Guóbiāo Májiàng in Chinese pronunciation), which we adopt in this competition. However, we reduce 16 games into 1 game on Botzone.

Mahjong involves strategy and a certain degree of luck, and the uncertainty brings to the game a lot of fun and challenge. Different from Mahjong’s varieties in Asia, e.g., Riichi Mahjong (Japan), Chinese Standard Mahjong encourages the players to adopt aggressive strategies, which makes the competition watchable and attractive.


The codes are provided:

WeChat QRCode

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