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PIPs Improvement Proposals

As inspired by PEPs (Python) / BEPs (Bittorrent) / BIPs (Bitcoin) / EIPs (Ethereum), PIPs intends to document everything related to framework (intro, go-pttai, pttai.js).

For now, we just freely write whatever (documenting / suggestion) we think necessarily.

Suggestions are welcome in Issues or in PRs.


PIP Title slide Type
1 Introduction en / zh_TW Intro
2 Architecture en / zh_TW Intro
3 Code Architecture: Start Node en / zh_TW Code
4 Stop Node en / zh_TW code
5 Add Peer en / zh_TW Code
6 Development Philosophy en / zh_TW Intro
7 Oplog and Merkle-Tree en / zh_TW Intro
8 Object en / zh_TW Intro
9 Entity en / zh_TW Intro
10 Person en / zh_TW Intro
11 Sync en / zh_TW Intro
12 Join en / zh_TW Intro
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