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I won't update it any more and just leave it here.
So you can use it if you want, but it has been moved to Thanks.


DockerRoot (formerly RancherOS Lite) is a lightweight Linux distribution made with Buildroot especially to run a Docker daemon as PID 1.

It's designed for a local development with Docker in a virtual machine.

It's inspired by the following projects.


  • Based on Buildroot 2016.02 with Linux kernel v4.4.8 and GLIBC.

  • Runs a Docker daemon as PID 1

  • Strip down the Linux kernel modules and drivers

  • Busybox + the following utilities from Buildroot

    • sudo, bash, wget, xz, sntp, logrotate
    • ssh, scp, sftp, rsync
    • acpid, sshd, dhcpcd, xtables-multi
    • e2fsck, mke2fs, resize2fs, tune2fs
  • Default username: docker

  • Default password: docker

  • dumb-init binary is built-in /usr/bin.

    e.g., docker run -d -v /usr/bin/dumb-init:/dumb-init:ro --entrypoint=/dumb-init <image> <command>

  • pkg command is built-in. You can install individual packages from Buildroot + α.

     [docker@docker-root ~]$ pkg
     Usage: pkg {build|install} [-f] <package-name> [build options]
            pkg show <package-name>
            pkg list

    e.g., sudo pkg install vim

  • Enable to switch between Docker versions.

     [docker@docker-root ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/docker
     Usage /etc/init.d/docker {start|stop|restart|status} [<version>|latest|default]

    e.g., sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart latest



Copyright (c) 2015-2016 A.I. <>

Licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)

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