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Ailove Standard Edition

What's inside?

Ailove Standard Edition comes pre-configured with the following bundles:

Symfony Standard Edition

  • FrameworkBundle
  • SensioFrameworkExtraBundle
  • DoctrineBundle
  • TwigBundle
  • SwiftmailerBundle
  • MonologBundle
  • AsseticBundle
  • JMSSecurityExtraBundle
  • WebProfilerBundle (in dev/test env)
  • SensioDistributionBundle (in dev/test env)
  • SensioGeneratorBundle (in dev/test env)

Sonata Bundles

  • SonataAdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator
  • SonataMediaBundle
  • SonataUserBundle
  • SonataEasyExtendsBundle
  • SonataIntlBundle
  • SonatajQueryBundle

FOS Bundles

  • FOSUserBundle

Behat Bundles

  • MinkBundle
  • BehatBundle


Let's guess you have project named "project". To create project run the following commands:

mkdir project
cd project
mkdir cache conf data repo tmp logs
echo -e "DB_HOST =\nDB_NAME = sf21sonata\nDB_USER = user\nDB_PASSWORD = " > conf/database
echo -e "ok_app_id=1\nok_app_secret=1\nok_public_key=1\nvk_app_id=1\nvk_app_secret=1\nfb_app_id=1\nfb_app_secret=1" > conf/social
chmod 777 *
git clone repo/dev
cd repo/dev
rm -rf .git
git init
git add .gitignore *
git commit -m "Initial commit"
curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

About directories structure

  • cache - for framework cache
  • conf - host independed configuration INI files parsed by app/config/factory.php file
  • data - directory for uploaded files. Use directory alias for virtual host Alias /data /path/to/project/data
  • repo - this directory is used to store git repo. We have placed it into repo/dev directory. Your virtual host should use repo/dev/htdocs as a document directory in this case
  • tmp - use this dir to store tmp files as session and etc.
  • logs - store the logs here

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.. note::

The bin/vendors script use composer.phar.

Database initialization

At this point, the app/console command should start with no issues. However some you need the complete some others step:

  • database configuration (create the project/conf/database file)

Database file example:

DB_NAME = sf21sonata
DB_USER = user

If DB was not created run the command:

app/console doctrine:database:create

For create schema run the command:

app/console doctrine:schema:create

Add admin user

Run the command:

app/console fos:user:create admin admin --super-admin

Login to Sonata Admin

Open http://project-url.lo/admin/login in your browser and fill the authorization form

Apache config for Liip


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/data/
RewriteCond /path/to/project/%{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-s
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/app.php/$1 [QSA,L]


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