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aim42 Architecture Improvement Method

Software Evolution, Maintenance and Improvement - Done Right!

aim42 is collection of practices and patterns to support software evolution, maintenance, evolution and improvement of software systems.

aim42 divides change activities in three distinct phases:

  • analyze issues, risks, problems, symptoms and technical debt within software (and their organisations).
  • evaluate those issues, identify root-causes and remedies, prioritize.
  • improve by applying appropriate remedies, strategies and tactics.

aim42 has been founded by Gernot Starke, is supported by innoQ Deutschland GmbH and is licenced under the liberal Creative Commons Sharealike 4.0 licence.

Learn more

  • our project homepage gives an overview
  • the online method reference provides all (currently available) details (this is our main artifact - currently under intensive development). The method reference is automatically updated with every commit pushed to the central repository by Travis-CI.


  • found mistakes or ommissions: create an issue
  • have ideas: fork the repository and create a pull request. You need a basic understanding of Git for this.
  • follow us on twitter

We write the content in AsciiDoc and build with Gradle.

As of September 2017, we removed the AsciiDoc help from the aim42 guide, you can find it here, under the arc42 organization.

Current Status

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Repository Organization


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