Quantile Parametrization for probability distribution functions module
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Quantile parametrization for probability distribution functions.

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This repository exists for two reasons.

  1. To be the home of qp, a python package for handling probability distributions using various parametrizations, including a set of quantiles;
  2. To help us learn best practices in software carpentry.


You can run the qp IPython notebooks live over the web at Binder:


To make sure you are running the latest version, you can rebuild the Binder qp installation here.

You can also browse the (un-executed) notebooks here in this repo:

Also: Read the Docs


License, Contributing etc

The code in this repo is available for re-use under the MIT license, which means that you can do whatever you like with it, just don't blame us. If you end up using any of the code or ideas you find here in your academic research, please cite us as Malz et al, in preparation\footnote{\texttt{https://github.com/aimalz/qp}}. If you are interested in this project, please do drop us a line via the hyperlinked contact names above, or by writing us an issue. To get started contributing to the qp project, just fork the repo - pull requests are always welcome!