An open source project to help students find universities and programs offered in their country.
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An open source Node (Express + Mongoose) application to help students find Universities and offered programs in their country.

This project is under development and continuous changes. Issues, feature requests, and contributions are welcomed.

Getting started

To get the Node server running locally:

  • Clone this repo
  • npm install to install all required dependencies
  • Install MongoDB Community Edition (instructions) and run it by executing mongod
  • npm start to start the local server

Code Overview


Application view

Rendering Enging

Handlebars - We are using handlebars.js as our templating engine because of its simplicity and richness. The Handlebars supports in all major browsers, like, Chrome Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We are planning to switch to react in future.

Design Template

tabler - We are using tabler (an open source HTML template) for our pages. It is a free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap 4.

Application Structure

  • app.js - The entry point to our application. This file defines our express server and connects it to MongoDB using mongoose. It also requires the routes and models we'll be using in the application.
  • controllers/ - This folder contains our controllers
  • routes/ - This folder contains the route definitions for our API.
  • models/ - This folder contains the schema definitions for our Mongoose models.
  • helpers/ - This folder contains the validation helpers
  • views/ - This folder all views related to this application
  • public/ - This folder contains all public resources