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Would you rather game built with React, Redux and Bulma framework.
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Would You Rather Game

A ReactJS and Redux based game app where users can ask and answer questions to stay in the game. Winner will be the one whose number of questions asked and answered are maximum. Play this game here.




Install Latest LTS Version: 10.15.2 (includes npm 6.4.1) Binaries, installers, and source tarballs are available at

To update your npm and install globally, type this into your terminal

npm install npm@latest -g

To test Node. To see if Node is installed, open the Windows Command Prompt, Powershell or a similar command line tool

npm -v


yarn is a fast, reliable, and secure dependency management tool. You can now use yarn to install reason and manage its dependencies.

To install Yarn, it is best to consult the official documentation for your particular platform.

To install yarn globally using node, type this into your terminal

npm install -g yarn


yarn -v


First, fork this repository to another GitHub account. Then you can clone and install:

git clone<YOUR_ACCOUNT>/would-you-rather-game-react-redux.git
cd would-you-rather-game-react-redux
yarn install // This will install all dependencies
yarn start

This will start a local development server on port 3000.

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