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A CORS proxy,API gateway or tunnel, for github oauth, etc.
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Intersect - a CROS proxy

Intersect is a CROS proxy, fork and update from stamat/corsica. The CORSica is a very simple HTTP CORS proxy written in PHP using cURL.


  • simple HTTP CORS proxy, support get/post/option/...
  • support https for POST, with a common certificate data from Mozilla
  • private client_secret option for Github api, or other client secret/token
    • testcase for github oAuth
  • some simple guards, please customize yourself
  • content length recalculation

Install and Usage

# clone project
> git clone
> cd intersect

# update these options
> grep '^\$.* Option' intersect.php
$SIMPLE_DEFAULT_HOME = 'Api bridge by aimingoo.'; // Option
$DOMAIN_ACCEPT = '';    // Option - Your Github pages site
$ROOT_CERT = __DIR__ . "/cacert.pem"; // Option - if you have these
$PRIVATE_CLIENT_SECRET = 'xxxxxx...'; // Option - !MUST UPDATE!

# check and(or) update your .htaccess
> cat .htaccess
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ intersect.php [NC,L,QSA]

# upload to your web site (with .htaccess)
#	- if .htaccess no accept, then rename intersect.php to default.php please
# ...

# Done

About the testcase

The testcase for github oAuth only. please create a Github oAuth Application, and got client_id and client_secret from github settings.

now, update the client_secret in intersect.php, and change/pass the client_id at test/

# update and(or) config test/
#	- reset all headers for your web site
# and, call
> cd test
> bash '' 'your client_id'

if run the,a browser will open, and you must login with github account, accept auth for your application, and browser redirect a new page (set 'Authorization callback URL' in your oAuth application in github settings) in the end.

you will get


from the redirected page url query string/paraments, now copy the code string into shell console:

> bash '' 'your client_id'
Try gateway: with http
-> Get code, open browser and pick the code from redirected url
-> Input code: 8aacaebde14c80bf3e17 ## <-- COPY TO HERE and PRESS ENTER

If test success, you will get a response from github with access_token:

<- Return access_token:


  • the proxy site need php with cURL support
  • see gh-oauth-server project by imsun, if you have a server and nodejs supported
  • dont include client_secert in frontend pages
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