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The WebUI-Examples github repository

Please find here a collection of examples for our ‘WebUI’ graphical user interface builder. Purpose of these examples is to help you speed up your learning and app development.

Although we aim to provide high quality examples and we are always keen to hear your feedback, please note that we provide these examples ‘as-is’. They might not work under all circumstances and they have not been tested with the same rigour with which we test our products. Also, we do not test these examples against every new AIMMS version that we release. These examples fall outside our regular product support and associated SLA.

The AIMMS WebUI team.

Information for AIMMS App Developers

Our main information page for AIMMS App Developers is on:

Information for Plugin/Widget Developers

If you are a HTML5/Javascript developer wishing to extend the AWF framework, please have a look at our (work-in-progress) AIMMS WebUI Dev Tutorial Series. If you are interested in the (meta-)structure of a AIMMS WebUI Dev Tutorial Series have a look at the [Anatomy of a webui dev tutorial]( of a webui dev tutorial-generated.png).

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