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Application Examples
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AIMMS (an acronym for "Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System") is a software system designed for modeling and solving large-scale optimization and scheduling-type problems. It consists of an algebraic modeling language, an integrated development environment for both editing models and creating a graphical user interface around these models, and a graphical end-user environment. AIMMS is linked to multiple solvers including CPLEX, Gurobi, CBC, CONOPT, IPOPT, SNOPT, Knitro, MINOS, BARON, PATH and CP Optimizer.

The AIMMS website can be found at:

The AIMMS Google Group can be found at:!forum/aimms

If you have any questions about AIMMS in general or about how to get the most out of AIMMS for your problem, you can ask them here.

This repository contains several types of AIMMS examples:

  • Examples from the AIMMS Modeling Book
  • Functional examples demonstrating particular AIMMS features
  • AIMMS-style application examples including an end-user UI
  • Practical examples, including references to the articles on which each example is based

Each example is stored in a separate folder containing:

  • An about.txt or description.txt file that briefly describes the model or functionality illustrated in the example
  • An .aimms file which listing the main project and all library folders included in the example
  • An .ams file containing the model source describing the AIMMS model

The examples projects can only be opened in AIMMS 4.0 (or higher) through the .aimms file. To get an overview of the underlying optimization model you can also directly view the .ams model source file.

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