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An Aer

A photography website based on Almace Scaffolding by Tunghsiao Liu.

Publication Workflow

  • once or twice a week, we publish an image (twitter, facebook)
  • once in a while, we publish a serie (~12 images or more if specific work) (twitter, facebook, RSS)


A serie is:

  • a tiny text describing the serie
  • a cover image
  • images

On the of the website, there is the list of published series (like news, automated by Jekyll). On the index of the serie, there is the list of images, also automated by Jekyll.


  • rework homepage
  • simplify dev workflow


An image is:

  • a tiny description
  • a license
  • metadata

Images are always published, however, they can only be accessed once the serie is published, this allows to publish single images before publishing the full serie.