Trusted Enclave Sandbox and Toolkit
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Trusted Enclave Sandbox and Toolkit

TEST is a simple Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) implementation. It was designed for Xilinx EDK v14.7 and the Digilent ZedBoard which contains a Cortex A9 MPCore processor. The software driver files and the hardware pcore edkregfile rely on this configuration; other parts of TEST are largely hardware and toolchain agnostic and should be adaptable to other platforms.

All content within is owned by Assured Information Security and is (c) 2013 AIS, all rights reserved. ARM TrustZone, ARM Thumb, and Cortex A9 MPCore are registered trademarks of ARM Holdings plc. The ZedBoard is a modification of the Xilinx Zynq development platform and is manufactured and distributed by Digilent inc.

EDK, PlanAhead, XPS, and XDK are registered trademarks of Xilinx inc.

TEST is a forward-engineered TEE which can be reconfigured to mimic the functionality of other trusted enclave implementations. One such configuration closely matches ARM TrustZone, and is included with TEST. TEST does not, however, contain an ARM coprocessor. Therefore, while TEST could in theory be used to develop a program similar to ARM's "Hello World for TrustZone", , the program will only be theoritically similar and will not actually run on a TrustZone enabled ARM SoC.

TEST was created in order to have a fully documented TEE system distributed by a single vendor. In industry, a system incorporating a solution like TrustZone may have the processor specification, processor implementation, System-on-a-Chip (SoC) implementation, and Engineering Development Kit (EDK) containing board support packages and drivers, all developed and distributed by different vendors. This can create frustrating holes in documentation, and technologies that rely on completely undocumented features. Even if the processor and underlying technologies are fully documented, for instance, the people developing that documentation do not know which specific pins or register identifiers are going to be chosen in the final SoC.

TEST is capable of Assymetric and Symmetric Multi-Processing (AMP and SMP, respectively), and the TrustZone profile contains functionality analagous to all of TrustZone's control bits. It contains a soft processor which is completely platform independent, which relies on a pure software instruction stack. This creates a software-friendly platform which can be used to explore both attacking and defending sandboxing solutions, TEEs, and similar solutions.