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The success of open source is inseparable from everyone!

Reporting a issue

  • If you find a bug
  • If you have better ideas
  • If you have good advice

You can submit an Issue to us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Contributing code

If you want to contribute your code, the best way to submit a patch is to send a pull request.

Here are the steps of a typical workflow.

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.
  2. Clone your fork to your local machine.
  3. Create a topic branch with a descriptive name.
  4. Make changes with unit tests in the topic branch.
  5. Push commits to your fork on GitHub.
  6. Send a pull request.

For steps 1 to 3, please read this GitHub help if you are not familiar with these operations. Step 4 and 5 are basic git operations. Please see the online documentation for its usage.

For how to write a unit test, please see the unit test page.

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