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Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery

This is the open source repository for the Galleria core, the Classic theme, plugins and everything else that comes bundled with the free download. Feel free to post issues - but keep them code related please. You may also do pull requests, but make sure you include some comments and/or tests.

Info, demos, docs and everything else:

Updates via twitter:

Non-code related issues and support:


Documentation is currently available in reST format in the repository.

You can build local HTML using Sphinx:

Changes compared to original (aino) version of galleria

  • Fix for "No theme CSS loaded", when galleria is loaded dynamically through JS and AJAX Galleria may be inserted into the dom dynamically (e.g. via JavaScript loaded from an AJAX-Request). In such a case, the theme's script-tag seems not to be immediately present in the DOM when the addTheme-function looks for it. We therefore try multiple times before raising an error.
  • Sometimes, the dummy image was not scaled and centered properly when using lazyLoadChunked(). This was due to the dimensions of the dummy image not being computed in time (with lazyLoadChunked(...)). We changed the retry method from "retry once after 2ms" to "Utils.wait{ ..., timeout: 100 }" to retry multiple times for 100ms.
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