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Enjoy slack #times-\(yours) life πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­/ World Easiest App Sending Your Soliloquies to Slack on Earth
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Made posting slack messages easy.


Please install Siro from Mac App Store.

Or, you can download this app on release page. please download latest version and unarchive, then you can try it quickly.


On a settings window, please set channel name you'd like to post and your slack legacy token (slack bot token is also available, but message author is marked at bot apps name.) After that, press the save button, and then press message test button to test posting a message to slack


  1. ctrl+shift+M: open a text window
  2. write something as you like
  3. command+enter: send the text to slack
  4. Esc: close text window


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