Python app development with SL4A in Android Studio
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Click here for SL4A / Webview (Hybrid) Demo

Forked and merged project of SL4A and Android-Python27

Both Python2.7 and Python3.2 have been embedded along with the latest updated SL4a fork and converted into a Gradle build model for rapid development in Android Studio.

Both apks have been tested on Kitkat 4.4.2 and Lollipop 5.0.1 as of 10/19/2015.

Please check the wiki for relevant resources for your build, more will be added when time permits.

Yes that is right, Python is back in business on Android!!!


droid-python wiki

SL4A Help


APK Tutorials

How to create a custom RPC facade
How to create a custom APK
How to update with latest SL4A
How to upgrade Python builds in APK
How to add your Python scripts
How to debug run Python from the shell

Common Questions

Adding PYPI Packages
Passing Parameters to Script/Interpereter