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AInspector Sidebar Test Releases

Latest XPI file: ai-sidebar-1.1.2-beta.2.xpi

Note: Firefox ESR version 52.7.3 is now required for testing unsigned add-ons

  • Beginning with Firefox 48, released Aug. 2, 2016, users no longer have the option of installing unsigned add-ons using the method outlined below.
  • Only the Firefox Extended Support Release 52 provides this capability.

Configuring Firefox ESR 52.7.3

Allow installation of unsigned add-ons

  • In the Firefox location bar, type about:config and press Enter.
  • Unless it has been disabled, a warning will be displayed and you will need to click the confirmation button that says “I'll be careful, I promise!”.
  • In the about:config tab's “Search” field (top left), type xpinstall.
  • In the list of filtered results, select xpinstall.signatures.required, right-click the item, and in the context menu, select “Toggle”.
  • The result in the “Value” column should display false.

Installing the XPI file: ai-sidebar-1.1.2-beta.2.xpi

  • Save the downloaded XPI file in a familiar location on your computer's file system.
  • In the Firefox main menu, select “Tools > Add-ons”. A tab entitled “Add-ons Manager” will appear.
  • Select the menu button with the gear icon at the top, and from its menu, select “Install Add-on From File...”.
  • Choose the downloaded XPI file, and confirm that you want to install it.
  • Select “Restart”.
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