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Salat Prayer Times bot for Slack integration

Step by step:

  • Setup an Incoming Webhooks in Slack's Integration:
  • Get the Webhook URL e.g.
  • Put the Webhook URL into the
  • We will use API from
  • This simple script will use the location specific API e.g. JSON URL = for Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
  • Find the valid JSON URL for your location e.g. singapore.json, jakarta.json, london.json, dubai.json
  • Put the city name of that valid JSON URL into the e.g. 'newyork'
  • OPTIONAL: Modify the Slack username (can be any name, you don't have to create the user beforehand) in
  • OPTIONAL: Modify the Slack #channelname in
  • OPTIONAL: Modify the emoji name to be used as user's icon
  • Execute the script in Terminal to see immediate result, or
  • Setup a cron job to automate it

Here's how it will look like in your channel: Gresik Prayer Times Slack BOT Integration