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Async http client/server framework

aiohttp logo

aiohttp 2.0 release!

For this release we completely refactored low-level implementation of http handling. Finally uvloop gives performance improvement. Overall performance improvement should be around 70-90% compared to 1.x version.

We took opportunity to refactor long standing api design problems across whole package. Client exceptions handling has been cleaned up and now much more straight forward. Client payload management simplified and allows to extend with any custom type. Client connection pool implementation has been redesigned as well, now there is no need for actively releasing response objects, aiohttp handles connection release automatically.

Another major change, we moved aiohttp development to public organization

With this amount of api changes we had to make backward incompatible changes. Please check this migration document

Please report problems or annoyance with with api to


  • Supports both client and server side of HTTP protocol.
  • Supports both client and server Web-Sockets out-of-the-box.
  • Web-server has middlewares and pluggable routing.

Getting started


To retrieve something from the web:

import aiohttp
import asyncio

async def fetch(session, url):
    with aiohttp.Timeout(10, loop=session.loop):
        async with session.get(url) as response:
            return await response.text()

async def main(loop):
    async with aiohttp.ClientSession(loop=loop) as session:
        html = await fetch(session, '')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


This is simple usage example:

from aiohttp import web

async def handle(request):
    name = request.match_info.get('name', "Anonymous")
    text = "Hello, " + name
    return web.Response(text=text)

async def wshandler(request):
    ws = web.WebSocketResponse()
    await ws.prepare(request)

    async for msg in ws:
        if msg.type == web.MsgType.text:
            await ws.send_str("Hello, {}".format(
        elif msg.type == web.MsgType.binary:
            await ws.send_bytes(
        elif msg.type == web.MsgType.close:

    return ws

app = web.Application()
app.router.add_get('/echo', wshandler)
app.router.add_get('/', handle)
app.router.add_get('/{name}', handle)


Note: examples are written for Python 3.5+ and utilize PEP-492 aka async/await. If you are using Python 3.4 please replace await with yield from and async def with @coroutine e.g.:

async def coro(...):
    ret = await f()

should be replaced by:

def coro(...):
    ret = yield from f()


Discussion list

aio-libs google group:!forum/aio-libs


Optionally you may install the cChardet and aiodns libraries (highly recommended for sake of speed).


aiohttp is offered under the Apache 2 license.


The aiohttp community would like to thank Keepsafe ( for it's support in the early days of the project.

Source code

The latest developer version is available in a github repository:


If you are interested in by efficiency, AsyncIO community maintains a list of benchmarks on the official wiki: