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Clone the repo, create virtualenv if necessary.

Operate from base folder [../aiohttp-demos/demos/blog].

To start the demo application you need running Postgres server. In case you have it already - good.

But if you want neither to use it for experiments nor to stop the server: - update DB_PORT in config files - use desired port in following example commands e.g. like so:

$ export DB_PORT=5433

Run db server:

$ docker run --rm -it -p $DB_PORT:5432 postgres:10

Create db with tables and sample data:

$ python -a

Check db for created data:

$ psql -h localhost -p $DB_PORT -U postgres -d aiohttpdemo_blog -c "select * from posts"

Run server:

$ python aiohttpdemo_blog/ -c config/user_config.toml

(example creds: Bob/bob)


Run tests:

$ pytest tests/