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Raise an exception if trying to write into closed response #2499

asvetlov opened this Issue Nov 10, 2017 · 4 comments


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asvetlov commented Nov 10, 2017


The problem is: await drain() does nothing because the buffer is not overflown, the buffer is not overflown because sent data are ignored and not accumulated in internal buffer.
transport.is_closing() should be used for check.

It should be fixed in payload writer, affects both client and server.

@asvetlov asvetlov added the bug label Nov 10, 2017


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maqquettex commented Dec 6, 2017

Although, adding

if self._transport.is_closing():
    return noop()

to StreamResponse.write() (this fixes both server and client I guess)

def write(self, chunk, *, drain=True, LIMIT=64*1024):

fixes logging of errors and trying to write to closing transport, for loop continues to execute and tries unsuccessfully to write to the closing transport, that means:

  • all further iterations do nothing - useless load on server
  • unable to catch closing of transport

Moreover, looks like there is no foreseen way to indicate that StreamResponse is closed or not, except self._eof, which looks too internal for me to use it from outer scope
IMO there are several ways to fix this bug:

  • add raising asyncio.CancelledError, as SO author proposed. This is too ugly I guess, raising an Exceptions is this situation is just a hack. Worth mentioning, that it is possible to catch CancelledError but not possible to catch ConnectionError, for example, that makes this way even more dirty
  • add property (e.g. is_closing) with mapping to self._transport.is_closing() in PayloadWriter and another property for StreamResponse to indicate that there is still opened stream (e.g. is_open), but this will create new API for this bug purpose only i guess (we need to pass response._payload_writer._transport.is_closing() to the user), that looks weird

I`m not sure what solution should be implemented, so just leave this message for further discussion


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rudeb0t commented Dec 18, 2017

I've worked around this issue by using checking request.protocol.transport.is_closing() before calling response.write() in my handler. It seems to work well so far in my tests. Although I am not so sure if this is the right way to go about this.

@asvetlov asvetlov added this to the 3.0 milestone Dec 18, 2017


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asvetlov commented Dec 18, 2017

Explicit exception in response.write() if request.protocol.transport.is_closing() is least surprising behavior IMHO.


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socketpair commented Feb 13, 2018

@asvetlov how ot distinguish between remote cancellation (when remote side unexpectedly closes connection) and local cancellation (due to something.cancel()) ? Maybe I don't understand the subj.

kornicameister added a commit to kornicameister/korni-stats-collector that referenced this issue Jun 7, 2018

Update aiohttp to 3.3.1 (#78)
This PR updates [aiohttp]( from **3.2.1** to **3.3.1**.

   ### 3.3.0


- Raise ``ConnectionResetError`` instead of ``CancelledError`` on trying to
  write to a closed stream. (`2499 &lt;;`_)
- Implement ``ClientTimeout`` class and support socket read timeout. (`2768 &lt;;`_)
- Enable logging when ``aiohttp.web`` is used as a program (`2956 &lt;;`_)
- Add canonical property to resources (`2968 &lt;;`_)
- Forbid reading response BODY after release (`2983 &lt;;`_)
- Implement base protocol class to avoid a dependency from internal
  ``asyncio.streams.FlowControlMixin`` (`2986 &lt;;`_)
- Cythonize ``helpers.reify``, 5% boost on macro benchmark (`2995 &lt;;`_)
- Optimize HTTP parser (`3015 &lt;;`_)
- Implement ``runner.addresses`` property. (`3036 &lt;;`_)
- Use ``bytearray`` instead of a list of ``bytes`` in websocket reader. It
  improves websocket message reading a little. (`3039 &lt;;`_)
- Remove heartbeat on closing connection on keepalive timeout. The used hack
  violates HTTP protocol. (`3041 &lt;;`_)
- Limit websocket message size on reading to 4 MB by default. (`3045 &lt;;`_)


- Don&#39;t reuse a connection with the same URL but different proxy/TLS settings
  (`2981 &lt;;`_)
- When parsing the Forwarded header, the optional port number is now preserved.
  (`3009 &lt;;`_)

Improved Documentation

- Make Change Log more visible in docs (`3029 &lt;;`_)
- Make style and grammar improvements on the FAQ page. (`3030 &lt;;`_)
- Document that signal handlers should be async functions since aiohttp 3.0
  (`3032 &lt;;`_)

Deprecations and Removals

- Deprecate custom application&#39;s router. (`3021 &lt;;`_)


- 3008, 3011


  - PyPI:
  - Changelog:
  - Repo:
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