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For this release we completely refactored low-level implementation of http handling.
Finally uvloop gives performance improvement. Overall performance improvement
should be around 70-90% compared to 1.x version.

We took opportunity to refactor long standing api design problems across whole package.
Client exceptions handling has been cleaned up and now much more straight forward. Client payload
management simplified and allows to extend with any custom type. Client connection pool
implementation has been redesigned as well, now there is no need for actively releasing response objects,
aiohttp handles connection release automatically.

Another major change, we moved aiohttp development to public organization https://github.com/aio-libs

With this amount of api changes we had to make backward incompatible changes. Please check this migration document http://aiohttp.readthedocs.io/en/latest/migration.html

Please report problems or annoyance with with api to https://github.com/aio-libs/aiohttp


2.0.0 (2017-03-20)

  • Added json to ClientSession.request() method #1726

  • Added session's raise_for_status parameter, automatically calls raise_for_status() on any request. #1724

  • response.json() raises ClientReponseError exception if response's
    content type does not match #1723

  • Cleanup timer and loop handle on any client exception.

  • Deprecate loop parameter for Application's constructor

2.0.0rc1 (2017-03-15)

  • Properly handle payload errors #1710

  • Added ClientWebSocketResponse.get_extra_info() #1717

  • It is not possible to combine Transfer-Encoding and chunked parameter,
    same for compress and Content-Encoding #1655

  • Connector's limit parameter indicates total concurrent connections.
    New limit_per_host added, indicates total connections per endpoint. #1601

  • Use url's raw_host for name resolution #1685

  • Change ClientResponse.url to yarl.URL instance #1654

  • Add max_size parameter to web.Request reading methods #1133

  • Web Request.post() stores data in temp files #1469

  • Add the allow_head=True keyword argument for add_get #1618

  • run_app and the Command Line Interface now support serving over
    Unix domain sockets for faster inter-process communication.

  • run_app now supports passing a preexisting socket object. This can be useful
    e.g. for socket-based activated applications, when binding of a socket is
    done by the parent process.

  • Implementation for Trailer headers parser is broken #1619

  • Fix FileResponse to not fall on bad request (range out of file size)

  • Fix FileResponse to correct stream video to Chromes

  • Deprecate public low-level api #1657

  • Deprecate encoding parameter for ClientSession.request() method

  • Dropped aiohttp.wsgi #1108

  • Dropped version from ClientSession.request() method

  • Dropped websocket version 76 support #1160

  • Dropped: aiohttp.protocol.HttpPrefixParser #1590

  • Dropped: Servers response's .started, .start() and .can_start() method #1591

  • Dropped: Adding sub app via app.router.add_subapp() is deprecated
    use app.add_subapp() instead #1592

  • Dropped: Application.finish() and Application.register_on_finish() #1602

  • Dropped: web.Request.GET and web.Request.POST

  • Dropped: aiohttp.get(), aiohttp.options(), aiohttp.head(),
    aiohttp.post(), aiohttp.put(), aiohttp.patch(), aiohttp.delete(), and
    aiohttp.ws_connect() #1593

  • Dropped: aiohttp.web.WebSocketResponse.receive_msg() #1605

  • Dropped: ServerHttpProtocol.keep_alive_timeout attribute and
    keep-alive, keep_alive_on, timeout, log constructor parameters #1606

  • Dropped: TCPConnector's`` .resolve, .resolved_hosts, .clear_resolved_hosts()attributes andresolve` constructor parameter #1607

  • Dropped ProxyConnector #1609