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Replace py.test with pytest in manylinux1 build script

PR #305 by @asottile

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asottile authored and webknjaz committed Nov 19, 2018
1 parent e59fb65 commit 27d9a151acd36e825da8c8316ec660f523fd9d07
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@@ -60,5 +60,5 @@ for PYTHON in ${PYTHON_VERSIONS}; do
echo -n "Test $PYTHON: "
/opt/python/${PYTHON}/bin/python -c "import platform; print('Building wheel for {platform} platform.'.format(platform=platform.platform()))"
/opt/python/${PYTHON}/bin/pip install "$package_name" --no-index -f file:///io/dist
/opt/python/${PYTHON}/bin/py.test /io/tests
/opt/python/${PYTHON}/bin/pytest /io/tests

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