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Network & Protocol Improvement Proposals for Aion
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Aion Improvement Proposals

Aion Improvement Proposal


An AIP is an Aion Improvement Proposal. AIP's can be proposed by anyone in the Aion community. The proposal is a document which provides a concise overview to the Aion community of a new process, functionality, standard or convention


The first step in the AIP process is to review AIP #00, this proposal describes the guidelines, categories, statuses and AIP template for contributing. To submit, fork the AIP repo and submit a PR with your AIP.

AIP Status Markers

Phase / Status Description
Socialization The Author(s) socialize the proposed AIP amongst community members across Aion channels
Draft The Author(s) submit their AIP based on the template and format as a PR
Review The AIP is under review by the Aion community and the town hall
Accepted The AIP’s implementation code is proposed and the executed across the active clients (Standard Types, Non-ASC)
Final The AIP has been adopted by the majority of active clients (core); AIP has passed "Final Call" (ASC, Procedure, Memo)
Rejected If there is consensus among the community that this AIP is no longer needed, feasible or wanted.
Replaced The AIP has been replaced by a subsequent AIP that addresses the improvement
Deferred If the AIP has been inactive or abandoned by the Author(s) or community

List of AIP’s Draft

  • AIP #005 - Bridge Operator Standard
  • AIP #006 - To Support blake2b Hashing in Solidity VM
  • AIP #007 - To support transaction hash within solidity contract

List of AIP's in Review

  • AIP #004 - Aion Token Standard

List of AIP’s Accepted

  • AIP #000 - Aion Improvement Proposal Process

List of AIP’s Final

List of AIP’s Deferred

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