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Welcome to the Aion Wiki!

This wiki is a guide to using the Aion blockchain network.

Repository layout

The Aion implementation is distributed across multiple modules to allow for code reuse:

  • The Aion Core contains the main functionality of the Aion network and can be downloaded from the releases page.
  • The Aion FastVM is an enhanced Ethereum Virtual Machine provided as a separate module.
  • The Aion Miner repository contains code and documentation for mining blocks on the Aion blockchain.
  • The Aion Interchain repository will provide information regarding our bridging protocol.
  • The Aion Compatible Web3 Api repository provides a Web3 application programming interface for interacting with the Aion blockchain.
  • The Aion Java Api repository provides a java programming interface for interacting with the Aion blockchain.


The Aion Core is jdk11 module based implementation:

  • The [modMcf] generic multi-chain framework as fundamental blockchain building blocks.
  • The [modAion modAionImpl] aion core interface and aion zero implementation (POW) .
  • The [modUtil] aion core common library.
  • The [modApiServer] aion core api daemon for aion binary api protocol and web3 protocol client.
  • The [modBoot] the boostrap lib for aion core.
  • The [modCrypto] the crypto library, include blake2b, sha, edcsa, ed25519 etc.
  • The [modDbImpl] blockchain key value database implementation, support levelDb, h2 and mongoDb.
  • The [modEvtMgr modEvtMgrImpl] event support framework for blockchain kernel.
  • The [modP2p modP2pImpl] peer to peer library support aion wire protocol.
  • The [modTxpool modTxpoolImpl] blockchain transaction pool interface and implementation.
  • The [modRlp] RLP implemention , which is serialization solution for aion core..
  • The [modLogger] logger module.
  • The [modPrecompile] precompile contract module.
  • The [modVM] contract VM module for interacting with FastVM, AVM and precompiled module.
  • The [vm-api] aion core common api module for interacting with AVM or other modules.


The Aion installation guide is available in the repository file.

This wiki also contains documentation on:

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