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Welcome to the Aion Miner Wiki!

This wiki is the primary source of information for all details covering the Aion Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm as well as reference miners (CPU & GPU-CUDA) and a solo mining pool implementation.


An in-depth explanation of the enhanced Aion PoW algorithm is available here. It describes the PoW algorithm with all of the details required to generate PoW solutions for the Aion blockchain.

Mining may be performed using either the internal CPU based miner or the external miner which supports both CPU and GPU (CUDA) mining.

You can mine AION using either the internal miner available with the Aion kernel or one of the external miners. Instructions for using each miner are available at the links given below. Note that the Aion kernel is necessary for the external miners as well.

  1. The Aion kernel, using the latest release available in the Aion project.
  2. The solo mining pool which may be found here.
  3. The external miner which may be found here.

Once step 1 and optionally 2 and 3 have been completed you will be ready to mine AION.

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