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Documentation for the Aion Network.
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Aion Docs

Aion Logo

Welcome to Aion Docs! This repository holds all the documentation for the Aion Network. The website gets content from this repository. The migration of content from this repo to the docs website is not automatic and is a manual process. As such, this repository is always more up-to-date than the website. This repo should be seen as the source of truth for Aion Network documentation.

This repository does not maintain the website itself. You'll find no HTML or CSS in these folders, except where used in code examples.

Hugo Variables

These documents are built using the Hugo Static Site Generator. Within the front-matter of each article, certain variables can be used that affect the output Hugo generates. The following are the custom variables available on, along with the default variables supplied by Hugo:

Variable Type Description Examples
draft boolean Hides the article from the sidebar. The article can still be viewed using it's URL. draft: true, draft: false
next_page string Defines the page to be linked at the bottom of the article. If this variable is not listed, the Next Page button will not show. next_page: /developers/basics/deploy/maven-cli
table_of_contents boolean Shows the table of contents for the article when set to true. If set to false, or not defined in the front matter, the table of contents will not show. table_of_contents: true, table_of_contents: false
header_image string Displays a header image for the article. Also, splits the top section of the article into two rows on large devices. This variable takes the path of an image as a string header_image: images/developers-header-image.png


If you want to make a suggestion to an article, create an Issue. If you want to create a completely new article, check out the contribution guidelines below and make a Pull Request! If you just want to show us some love, click the star ⭐️ button!

Contribuition Guidelines

By following these guidelines you're helping to keep the Aion docs consistent.

General Writing

  • Address readers in the second person by using you to address them. Stay away from words like I, we, our, or one.

    You can install the virtual machine.

  • Follow each list of three or more items with a comma. This is known as the Oxford or Serial Comma.

    Use Don't Use
    One, two, three, and four. One, two, three and four.
    Henry, Elizabeth, and George. Henry, Elizabeth and George.
  • Write clearly and concisely. Sentences should be shorter than 25 words. Any longer and things tend to get a little blurry.

  • Don’t use formal or complex words when easy or short ones will do. Keeping the docs simple to read makes it accessible for everyone, especially those us whose English as a second language.

    Use Don't Use
    Get Aquire
    Help Assist
    About Approximately
  • Use consistent terminology. This isn't creative writing, so you don't need to describe the same thing differently every time you mention it.

  • Use American English spelling.

  • Try to not use acronyms. If you absolutely have to use acronyms, spell full phrase first and include the acronym in parentheses () the first time they are used in each document.

    Decentralized Application (Dapp), Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Avoid using specific version numbers whenever possible.


All Aion documentation is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown. If you're using VSCode to write and edit documentation, you can install the MarkdownLint extension by David Anson. It helps to point out any formatting mistakes you've made in your writing.

Here are a few guidelines that will help keep everything nice and tidy.

  • File names, folders, addresses, and variables should be written between code tags.

      > Copy ```example.json``` to ```~/var/www/html/aion-vm```.
  • Things that the user must click on, or generally look out for, should be in bold.

    Click Log out to end your session.

  • Multi-line code blocks should have the language supplied in line with the markdown. This helps the syntax highlighter know which language classes to use. To select a particular language in markdown, add the language name to the end of the first code tag:

  • Capitalize all the significant words in titles

    This is a Public Service Announcement


This repo is maintained with ❤️ by the Aion 🔥 Ecosystem 💯 team!

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