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Contracts which are used to implement protocol behaviour
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Aion Unity Contracts

This is a reference implementation of smart contracts for Aion Unity.

To Build

To build a specific smart contract, go to the corresponding subdirectory and run

mvn initialize
mvn clean install


Staker Registry:

  • staker - A registered node which is responsible for producing PoS blocks;
  • stake - Locked coins;
  • bond - The operation of casting coins as stake;
  • unbond - The operation of withdrawing bonded coins.
  • transfer - The operation of transferring stake to another staker.

Pool Registry:

  • pool - A registered staker which accepts stake from and shares the block rewards with other participants.
  • delegator - Any coin-holder who have delegated for a pool.
  • delegate - The operation of delegating stake to a pool.
  • redelegate - The operation of delegating stake to a pool, using block rewards.
  • undelegate- The operation of un-delegating stake from a pool;
  • withdraw- The operation of claiming block rewards from a pool.
  • transfer - The operation of transferring stake from one pool to another.
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