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Tetryon Test-Network

At the Open Application Network (OAN), we've made a serious commitment to develop features into the platform that enable developers in expressing privacy-preserving on-chain computations. As a first step towards that end, we introduce the Tetryon Test-Network, an incubator for prototype implementations of privacy-preserving primitives and applications.

This initial release of Tetryon enables users to employ on-chain SNARK verification within AVM-smart-contract-systems, by leveraging a modified ZoKrates toolchain. This is made possible by non-intrusive modifications in the AVM that expose to smart contracts operations over the Alt-Bn 128 elliptical curve.

Where's the Code?

This repository will exclusively be used to distribute releases for Tetryon test-network-compatible kernels, since components for the Tetryon test-network are currently domicile across several repositories:

  • A modified ZoKrates toolchain is maintained in a public fork in the organization. Modifications to ZoKrates are limited to:
    • Enabling the generation of SNARK verification AVM contracts.
  • A modified AVM implementation is maintained in a public fork of the AVM project. Modifications to the AVM are limited to:
    • Implementation of addition, multiplication and pairing operations over the Alt-Bn 128 curve.
  • A modified OAN kernel is maintained on the Java implementation's tetryon branch. Modifications to the OAN kernel are limited to:
    • Unity hard-fork is disabled for the Tetryon network (Tetryon is a PoW-only network to simplify test-network management)
    • The Alt-Bn 128-enabled AVM is used to process all transaction on the network.

Operational Notes:

  • Only the modified Java kernel released here should be used to connect to the Tetryon test network. Please do not attempt to connect to the Tetryon network using the mainline releases for the Rust or Java kernels.
  • This prototype implementation has only been tested on the following configuration: (AMD64, >Ubuntu 18.04, >JDK10). The implementation is currently Linux platform-dependent (mostly to reduce verification overhead).
  • Key Tetryon test-network configuration parameters are provided here for reference:
    • The genesis file for the Tetryon network can found here.
    • Tetryon Test-net network ID is 29.
    • Foundation-maintained seed nodes can be configured as:

How Do I Use This?

For starters, you can experiment with the Tetryon sandbox, which demonstrates how to interact with the various system components from both Java and Javascript environments.

With respect to the Tetryon Public Test Network,

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