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Sandbox environment for Tetryon experiments
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Tetryon Sandbox

The Tetryon Test-Network is an incubator for prototype implementations of privacy-preserving primitives and applications on the Open Application Network. This repository will serve as a sandbox for publishing demonstrations and prototypes leveraging features introduced to Tetryon.

Currently, this repository contains test-benches to exercise the features introduced in the initial release for Tetryon, at a variety of different levels:

Contract Integration Testing

The contract-bench tests the verifier smart contracts (generated by ZoKrates) for correctness. New contracts leveraging Alt-Bn 128 operations implemented in the AVM can be developed in this environment.

Assuming >JDK 10 is installed, the tests can be run using packaged Gradle wrapper:

./gradlew :zokrates-bench:cleanTest :contract-bench:test -i

ZoKrates Integration Testing

The zokrates-bench tests integration of the ZoKrates toolchain with the AVM programming environment. Here, the ZoKates binary is invoked from Java (using the class ZokratesProgram), to enable development and testing of SNARKs on the AVM, without needing to switch to the ZoKrates CLI to invoke intermediate operations. One could go directly from writing a SNARK in the ZoKrates DSL, to deploying a verifier for the SNARK on the AVM, to testing the deployed verifier, all without leaving the JUnit environment. This environment uses a stand-alone AVM object (using the AVM JUnit rule) to enable greater debuggability.

Before running the test, please build the ZoKrates library for your platform:


Assuming >JDK 10 is installed, the tests can be run using packaged Gradle wrapper:

./gradlew :zokrates-bench:cleanTest :zokrates-bench:test -i

Kernel Integration Testing

The rpc-bench is a Node.js project that tests the integration of the modified AVM within the modified Aion Java Kernel. This project leverages the JSON RPC API (using the Aion Web3 Javascript client) to deploy and exercise functionality of a ZoKrates-generated SNARK verifier contract.

In order to run these tests, a little bit of environment setup needs to be performed:

  1. Get the latest Tetryon-enabled Aion Kernel from the releases page of the Tetryon repository.
  2. Modify the kernel configuration (config/tetryon/config.xml) to run node in standalone mode by emptying out the <nodes> .. </nodes> xml node.
  3. Generate a new account using the CLI ./ -n Tetryon --account c. Make sure to note down the private key and address for this account. The private key can be obtained by "exporting" the account (./ -n Tetryon --account e <generated address>) once a keystore file is generated.
  4. Modify the genesis file (config/tetryon/genesis.json) by replacing one of the addresses listed in the alloc list with the address you just generated (and know the private key for). This endows the address with some pre-mined balance, for testing purposes.
  5. Make sure RPC server is enabled on the IP address
  6. Start a standalone Aion node in Tetryon mode ( --n tetryon).

So far, we've gotten a standalone, Tetryon-enabled Aion node running. Now, in order to run the RPC test bench:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest stable distribution of node.js
  2. Create a file in the npm project root (./rpc-bench) called .env. This file should contain the following environment variables
    ACC_SK=<private key for a Tetryon account with positive balance>
  3. Install project dependencies by executing the command npm install
  4. To run the Mocha tests that deploy and exercise functionality of a ZoKrates-generated SNARK verifier contract in the standalone kernel environment, execute the command
    npm test
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