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qmethod, an R package to analyse Q methodology data

Q is a methodology to study the distinct perspectives existing within a group, on a topic of interest. It is used across disciplines. See further about the method in See an example of what you can do with this package.


This package performs the analysis of Q methodology data using principal components analysis and varimax rotation (replaceable by other rotations). See a graphical interface (beta).

(From the package reference manual)

The following steps of the analysis correspond to separate functions: factor loadings for Q-sorts, automatic flagging of Q-sorts (manual flagging is optional), z-scores and factor scores for statements, distinguishing and consensus statements, and general characteristics of the factors. The function qmethod wraps them all.

The functions for each step may be used separately for advanced analysis, for example, for manual flagging. The package includes a function to import data from PQMethod software, to export plain text data for interpretation in two flavours, and to print and plot Q method results.



The package has been created by Aiora Zabala, with contributions from Max Held. To contribute, read the guidelines or post your suggestions on the issue tracker.

The package is free and open source. It has been thoroughly tested an validated. If you use it, please cite it in your work.

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