@akru akru released this Nov 20, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

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In this release a lot of technical updates was applied.

This is technical release, Robonomics network version isn't changed in this release.

The big updates is coming. IPFS daemon updated to latest 0.4.18 version with huge improvements for connection stability and PubSub message routing, it should make positive changes in lighthouse message exchange. Also ROS packages used in AIRA was updated to ROS Melodic Morena release.

Friendly image. VirtualBox image was tuned to make it more user-friendly, added ability to rolling updates, added useful utils and guest additions with mouse are integrated.

Robonomics out of the box. Current release of AIRA prepare all things to start working with Robonomics as soon as appliance imported. In case of CPS any required actions already done: Ethereum account generated, liability service launched and ROS environment with basic tools already enabled. In case of Robonomics provider: xrtd precompiled and uses Infura web3 provider by default (no sync required).

Download via IPFS