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Robonomics 1.0 sidechain

This repository includes Airalab owned Ethereum sidechain for Robonomics network.

Running a node

Parity-ethereum should be installed before.

git clone && cd airalab-sidechain

Validator set

  • 0xfc219ef10A1F7e958E3F4F609e8ABB3b98D22FF0

Robonomics instance

Robonomics are instantiated on Airalab sidechain with ENS prefix sid (like a Debian experimental :).

In the sidechain lighthouse providers have no XRT emission, only fees.

Deployed contracts:

XRT bridge

Based on PoA Networks Token Bridge deployed for XRT to BXRT token bridge.

To get some XRT on sidechain just send XRT tokens to bridge contract in Ethereum mainnet.

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