Robonomics network provider software (xrtd) and other console tools
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Robonomics network tools

Build Status


Using Stackage with Nix integration:

git clone && cd robonomics-tools
stack build --nix


  • Robot liability smart contract operations
Usage: liability COMMAND
  Robonomics liability smart contract ops

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  read                     Read liability smart contract
  list                     List liability smart contracts
  • The XRTd: Robonomics network provider
Usage: xrtd [--web3 URI] --private KEY [--chain CHAIN_ID] [--ipfs MULTIADDR]
            [--lighthouse ENS] [--ens ADDRESS]
  XRTd :: Robonomics network provider

Available options:
  --web3 URI               Ethereum node endpoint [DEFAULT: Infura mainnet]
  --private KEY            Hex encoded private key
  --chain CHAIN_ID         Ethereum chain [foundation, ropsten, kovan, rikenby]
  --ipfs MULTIADDR         IPFS node endpoint [DEFAULT: localhost]
  --lighthouse ENS         Robonomics lighthouse name
  --ens ADDRESS            ENS registry contract
  -h,--help                Show this help text


  • xrtd on Ethereum mainnet
    stack exec xrtd -- --private "40c0901dbcb03e43df4e3ec432f15168ec390f3d861227d12e115c06c9d8f1ca"

If you want to give more quota for your provider, please visit Lighthouse manager Dapp.

  • xrtd on cliquebait testnet
    stack exec xrtd -- --private "40c0901dbcb03e43df4e3ec432f15168ec390f3d861227d12e115c06c9d8f1ca" --web3 http://localhost:8545 --ens "0x3c6d5ee6c4d9067a3c58906f3689534aa30de02b" --chain 420123

Have fun!