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Robonomics communication stack

Build Status BSD3 License

This is reference implementation of robot economics protocol.

Robonomics communication stack contains a set of ROS packages for economical communication purposes.

Installation process is similar to any ROS catkin package set.

mkdir -p ws/src && cd ws/src
git clone
catkin_init_workspace && cd .. && catkin_make 

robonomics_comm also can be builded with Nix, nix build -f release.nix.

There is a script made especially to simplify installation and usage of robonomics_comm

Download the following script and run it:

chmod +x ./
./ init        # for the first time only
./ mainnet     # or sidechain for Sidechain network

Robonomics liability

Liability package implements protocol part about robot liability smart contract actions. It provide methods for robot task/result store, delivery and interpretation.

Robonomics control

This packages implements robonomics control rules described at article.


# Launch liability
. ws/devel/setup.bash
roslaunch robonomics_liability liability.launch \
    keyfile:="$WORKSPACE/keyfile" \
    keyfile_password_file:="$WORKSPACE/keyfile_password_file" \
    web3_http_provider:="" \


Rostest framework is used for Robonomics communication stack testing.

Run test command:

make test

Nix is requred for testing.

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