Robonomics communication package stack for ROS-enabled cyber-physical systems.
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Robonomics communication stack

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This is reference implementation of robot economics protocol.

Robonomics communication stack contains a set of ROS packages for economical communication purposes.

Installation process is similar to any ROS catkin package set.

mkdir -p ws/src && cd ws/src
git clone
catkin_init_workspace && cd .. && catkin_make 

Robonomics lighthouse

Lighthouse package implements protocol part about robonomics lighthouses functionality: markets, orders, deals, liabilities, results. The decentralized robonomics markets use IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts for order processing.

Robonomics liability

Liability package implements protocol part about robot liability smart contract actions. It provide methods for robot task/result store, delivery and interpretation.

Robonomics control

This packages implements robonomics control rules described at article.



$ roslaunch robonomics_lighthouse infochan.launch


$ roslaunch robonomics_lighthouse lighthouse.launch


$ roslaunch robonomics_liability liability.launch