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Robonomics mainnet alpha

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@akru akru released this 14 Jun 12:07
· 67 commits to master since this release

This is ALPHA release of Robonomics platform in Ethereum mainnet.

This release contains several sensitive enhancements: truffle integration, ENS resovers, unit testing. But more important is Ethereum mainnet migration. This is mean that from this time all robonomics driven communication are protected by Ethereum network consensus. But costs of transactions are increased too. We are recommend to use testnet if your transaction have no economicaly sensitive data.


ENS Contract Description
xrt.0.robonomics.eth XRT Robonomics token
factory.0.robonomics.eth LiabilityFactory Factory for robot liability smart contracts
airalab.lighthouse.0.robonomics.eth Lighthouse Robonomics network lighthouse by Airalab (our alpha testbed)


  • Used OpenZeppelin smart contracts: MintableToken, BurnableToken, ECRecover
  • Smart contracts structure refactored for using Truffle build system
  • Added testnet and mainnet migration scripts
  • Added unit tests: XRT, LiabilityFactory, Lighthouse
  • AIP5 enabled