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Robonomics platform by Airalab

Secure, сost-effective, and futuristic IoT platform for connecting robotics under Polkadot and Ethereum control.


  1. robonomics robonomics Public

    Robonomics node implementation for Polkadot ecosystem. Kusama Parachain slot '2048' since January'2022.

    Rust 216 62

  2. robonomics-wiki robonomics-wiki Public

    Getting Started always better than reading white paper. Robonomics Wiki aims to bring all the knowledge about Robonomics to everyone who is interested in the project.

    Vue 14 36

  3. Public

    Manage your IoT devices through web3 infrastructure. Home Assistant integration supported.

    JavaScript 12 6

  4. homeassistant-robonomics-integration homeassistant-robonomics-integration Public

    Connect your Home Assistant devices to web3 infrastructure with Robonomics Web Services subscription.

    Python 10 6

  5. sensors-connectivity sensors-connectivity Public

    Aira package to input data from sensors / ROS-enabled telemetry agent

    Python 5 9

  6. robonomics_contracts robonomics_contracts Public

    Robonomics Network Proof-of-concept for the Ethereum Blockchain. Launched on the mainnet in 2019.

    JavaScript 82 33


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